The Inspiration

A couple of years ago when I was coyote hunting and I was dragging back to my truck one of my victims that I had tricked into coming to a call, I thought there had to be an easier way of getting this dog back to my truck. I thought of maybe a bigger pouch on the back of a coat or vest like for pheasant or turkey hunting. Dragging that coyote a half mile or more by the leg or drag rope was not any fun.One day as I was filling up a container with horse grain, I thought that maybe one of those slick polypropylene bags would do the trick. I had a friend sew some twine from some hay bales in a loop on the bag.That worked, but the feed bag was a little too small and the twine didn’t want to sew on very easily. I moved up to a 50# dog food bag made from the same material, but this time I had my friend sew on a woven strap I had from a ratchet tie down system.That worked very well.The bag would slide along the ground very easily. The only problem was loading the dead coyote into the bag. This lead to the idea of having the bag split down the middle, so it could be completely laid open to put the coyote in then fold it back over. Then a buddy of mine with whom I coyote hunt suggested making the strap longer to pull over a shoulder if one wanted, and that’s how I came up with the idea for the adjustable strap to pull by hand or cross body. So whether you have a back pack to carry, or your rifle/shotgun over your shoulder, The Slay Bag can be hands free with the cross body feature.

Once the coyote size was determined, I thought of the possibility of one for deer because there have been several times I’ve had to drag my deer several yards before I could get an ATV or my truck to them. Dragging a nice buck by the antlers isn’t too bad, but it could damage the hide if you were interested in having it mounted.And dragging a doe by the legs, or head/neck/ears is no fun. They just don’t come with handles on them. So, I came up with a size for the bigger midwest whitetail. Functions the exact same way as the coyote size, but added a handle on the closed end of the bag to assist with lifting it onto an ATV or in the back of a truck.

About the Creator - Gary Minner

Born and raised in a small farm town in central Illinois I learned a love for the outdoors from my older brother. My dad did take us kids hunting and fishing and camping a few times, but he wasn’t what would be considered an outdoorsman. We lived a couple miles outside of town in the middle of the black dirt fields of Illinois. There was a creek a couple hundred yards from our house where we spent most of our time as kids.My brother would take me hunting after school. The bus would drop us off and we would run up our long lane, change clothes, grab our shotguns, and walk the creek or grass waterways in the fields trying to scare up a pheasant before sunset. Back then we didn’t have any deer or even coyotes around where we lived.Rabbits, squirrels, pheasants, and maybe a fox every now and then was the extent of our wildlife. My how things have changed!

Now Illinois has an abundance of deer and it is one of my favorite animals to hunt. Whether it be with a bow or a gun, I love getting in the woods and watching deer move, waiting for that elusive trophy step out. But the one thing that gets my heart beating faster than seeing those tall thick tines move through the woods, is hearing the howls and yips of a coyote or seeing one move along a field. There is just something about them that quickens the pulse that I can’t explain. And it is that passion for the coyote that led to this idea of The Slay Bag.